New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone,

There’s a scripture that speaks great volumes of encouragement at this time.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the¬†Lord¬†rejoices to see the work begin,… (Zechariah 4:10).

We have been blessed with a place to worship and call our own! God had opened a big door and i am walking through it boldly. It’s all a step of faith so stand with us for great things!

Our theme is on the door to our new church building.

“Miracles Happen Here”

We truly believe this statement because Jesus always performed miracles so we expect them in our church services and daily lives.

So many christians over time become sour grapes in their daily christian lives and forget that Jesus is still a miracle worker! He never stopped performing miracles. He does it through his church. So don’t become stale stay fresh in God.

Miracles will happen in your life!!!

Our new location for worship is:

26050 Equity Drive Suite C Daphne, Alabama 36525.

If you are in the area. You are invited to come worship with us this Sunday at 11AM!

We love you.

Pastor Ricardo